Welcome to Selfit

Selfit helps people to quickly create and share video clips and snapshot selfies enriched with unique virtual elements, effects, animations and much more, all done in real time straight from mobile devices.

We emphasize creativity and sharing and raise the notion of selfies to a whole new level. It’s innovative and immersive kind of experience where you could shape the world around you and be the star of your own creation.

Our mission

We aspire to combine augmented reality innovation that has never been seen at such a scale on mobile, to offer new experience and drive for creating and sharing beautiful content with the idea of selfies.

NexStop’s Technology

Operating at the crossroad of mixed reality, short videos and mobile entertainment, our technology combines the most advanced face tracking technology (provided by our partners at Visage Technologies), harnessed and enhanced it with our in-house development, pioneering algorithms and original high-concept content creation. Using highly polished content within a pipeline designed for intuitive operation, we’ve designed a cutting edge product that is entertaining and engaging.

Selfit is brought to you by NexStop Media 2014 Ltd.

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